Anh Khoa’s Brother – A professional printing, packaging, and packing manufacturer, who always operates with the values: ethical – devoted & creative

From a print and design company in 1993, with over 23 years of establishment and development, we have optimized our production and customer service to serve the strictest printing, packaging and packing needs particularly in high quality export goods.

At the present, Anh Khoa’s Brother is proudly a professional supplier in printing, packaging, and packing products for global companies such as Crayola, Hallmark, and Disney. Currently, we are exporting to the most demanding markets in the World including Japan, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and especially Hong Kong/China.

♥ VISION: To become a professional printing & packaging company that consistently meet highest international standards. To successfully join the global supply chain of the World’s printing industry by 2020.

♥ MISSION: Portray the value of the Vietnamese people through quality of products.

♥ OPERATION MOTTO: Sustainable development – The development of the company must also bring the development and benefits for employees, corporate partners, and the society.


At Anh Khoa, nothing is impossible. We always work honorably to get our customers’ trust.

Deadline is Always Met
With the experience in printing and supplying all accessories for global brands such as Disney and Crayola for many years, we know how to deliver high quality products in time. In 2016, we have exported over 170 containers to 11 countries on-time with maximum quality rating.

Quality of Human Resources
We only employ staffs with high technical skills and good ethical manners. Our team members are trained by the leading experts in the field. During work hour, we constantly stress to ourselves, “Though we may not be the best in the field, but we will always work by our best ability.”

Internationally Certified Products
At Anh Khoa’s Brother, we place every aspect of operation conforming to international standards. In addition to the standard requirements, such as the ISO 9001-2015, we also hold a wide range of certificates: ICTI for producing safe children’s goods, FSC® for material origin management, and ISO 12647-2/7 for producing the highest print products quality.