Our “Employee of June” is Hai Nguyen

Being one of the “elders” at Anh Khoa’s Brother, Hai has a lot to teach to the new staffs. Up until now, Hai has been working at our company for more than 12 years. Ever since we operated at our original location on Pham Van Hai street, to Duong Van Duong Factory, now Tan Phu Trung Factory, Hai is there to witness it all.

Not to forget, Hai is an extremely hard working individual. As a staff who spend a majority of his time with QA Department and Storage Department, he constantly nurture the products before they leave the factory, ensuring the best quality provided for customers. With his experience, he can help many new staffs to adapt to the company culture, disciplines, work ethic, and to be more integrated into the Anh Khoa’s Brother family.

Thank you Hai for your dedication!


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