We provide you the best service and high quality product made by our professional workers and from Safe, transparent materials.

Environment Sustainability

Your product is produced in a clean and sustainable environment. Our factory meets the standards of the World Association of Toy Manufacturers (Rank A). All hygiene and safety factors are complied with, from restrooms to chemical stores and manufacture area.

Passionate, Devoted Staffs

Our team of specialists, managers and staffs are highly trained and dedicated to the job. Every year, international appraisal organizations come to check and interview our employees to ensure that they are treated well and satisfied when working for the company. The company’s products are always created by the people who have passion for their jobs.

Professional Working Style

Anh Khoa’s Brother is a Vietnamese company that directly exports printed products to the global market. In order to do this, all employees are daily trained and experienced on tasks that require professional performance. From 2017, our sales department will give priority to domestic customers.

Safe and trasparent oringin materials
All materials used at the Anh Khoa’s Brother have clear origin certificates. From book staples, chemicals used for printers, papers, to inks are examined by TUV, SGS... We especially prefer to buy materials with safety certificates from well-known suppliers. Anh Khoa’s Brother is the first printing company in Vietnam get FSC® certificate.
Modern Machinery

In our company, all equipments are always in the best condition. We always take regular maintenance schedule in order to prevent unexpected technical problems. All components or parts are maintained and replaced on time and accurately. For us, using the best materials and the right equipment is the most economical way for ourselves and our customers.

Products always meet international standards

We are the first and only company in Vietnam that has the highest industry standard certificate - ISO 12647-2. We have also achieved the PSO (Proccess Standard Offset) certification to prove that our process is guaranteed to meet this standard during file receipt, proofing, pre-press and press.


Finished products and semi-finished products are inspected by specialized equipment. Human sensibility factors are minimized. All decisions must be based on clear standards and statistics. Based on the quality inspection records from the inspection machines, our QA/ QC department will determine whether the goods are satisfactory.


In 2017, Anh Khoa’s has managed the entire process of design, pre-press, and CTP according to ISO 12647-2 / 7. All decisions about the color & content of the products will be made before printing to save time and cost. We put the PSO certification and FOGRA assurance conditions into action through X-RITE’s state-of-the-art quality control system and MEASURE COLOR software that allows full control over the company’s printing process.


All customers’ data entered into the company’s prepress system is standardized into a color-managed PDF-X flowchart. All files prior to CTP export are tested in ISO 12647-7. The adjustment of the content and color of the customer takes place during this period to avoid complications for the following processes. At present, we are the only Vietnamese company that perform this procedure.


The important difference between Anh Khoa’’s Brother and other companies is the certification of FOGRA’s PSO standard for printing process. This means that after only 50 sheets, we will have an ISO 12647-2 sheet, and this will look like the proof sheet that the customer saw in the pre- press section. For every 100 sheets, printing staffs will carry out scanning on X-Rite equipment to ensure that the print quality meets the ISO standards in the printing industry.


As with other processes, each finishing step has its own standards and the semi-finished products are controlled step by step. We use the latest inspection machines to minimize human sensitive decision. Our post-press team is strictly trained to meet export quality of demanding markets such as Japan.


As a professional packing company, we not only pay carefull attention to printing and pakaging products during packing process, but also being skillful in every small steps when packing from barcode printing, batch processing ... to supervise all accessories contained in the package; from using glue to take additional action to perfect the finished products .



Total quality control, carried out by specialized control devices in replacement for human, is the better way to ensure quality. For this reason, we have invested over 4 billion VND for these equipments.
Strict control of raw materials by measuring instruments in the company’s lab will help to stabilize the input of the production process and avoid unnecessary risks during the production processes. To enhance our quality, we only use materials from reputable and high quality suppliers. We also take 6-month safety stock for main materials to minimize risks cause by material fluctuations.


The cultural factor is very important, our employees have gone through a challenging period to understand the ability of modern technology equipments, from which they can lean their old mindset in production. Once they adapt to the new culture, they should be able to perform with more efficiency and provide products with better quality.

ICTI CARE is the name given to the production ethics program for children’s toy industry, aiming to ensure a safe and humane working environment for workers in toy factories around the world.

FSC® demonstrates the link between forest and end consumer, ensure that FSC-labeled products adhere to the conditions that bring the greatest benefits to the environment and the society. By promoting environmental and social responsibility for forest management, FSC® brings long-term social benefits.

Fogra PSO ISO 12647-2 acknowledges that Anh Khoa’s Brother Company is perfectly capable of printing publications that meet international standards. With this certification, you can rest assured that your product will be put into the standard production environment from file processing to proof and print production.