We are proud that, along with the development of printing and packaging products, the proportion of Vietnamese components and accessories from domestic partners such as Petrolimex and Thien Long supplied to pack finished products for foreign customers has continuously increased over the past two years.

EXPORTED CONTAINER COUNT: 175 40 ft Containers in 2016.

In 2016, on average, we exported 1 20 ft container everyday. During the peak season, we deliver 2 40 ft containers per day. Our new factory with specialized loading/unloading areas can serve two or more vehicles at once.


The average export rate over the past three years is 80%. In 2017, as our capacity increases by almost twice, we always new customers who require consistent and high quality products.


Japan is a particularly demanding market along with The US and Europe. They require detailed and strict specifications of packaging and book. We are delighted that 100% of orders to these markets did not suffer any quality defects in 2016.


For us, humans are the most valuable asset. Currently, we have 135 permanent staffs and about 70 temporaries, seasonal staffs. All of our employees are regularly trained according to the development of science and technology and the standard social values that the company agreed with partners at home and abroad.
In terms of academic qualifications, the company has: 1 PhD, 2 Masters, 15 Printing Technology Engineers, and 22 Bachelors in Management, Finance, Economics, Marketing, and Electronic Maintenance. The rest of the team are technicians who graduated from vocational schools, who undergo additional training upon employment offer to enhance knowledge in print/packaging technology.


The company gets an average annual revenue growth rate of about 30%, which corresponds to the growth rate of exports. The chart to the left shows Anh Khoa’s Brother export growth to The US market from 2013 to 2016.

The domestic market is also growing and prospering. In 2017, we focus on exporting to The US and expand our market share in domestic area.


Our greatest potential market is The US with a higher average consumption rate than any other developed countries in the World.
Followed are the markets of Canada, Japan, Europe (including the UK) and Australia – New Zealand.

In the years 2015-2016, the proportion of export to Hong Kong and China had also begin to increase. These special exports which are extremely demanding and complex, combining many of our printing and outsourcing methods, have been trusted by customers in Hong Kong and China.