Anh Khoa’s Brother Annual Firefighting Drill With The City’s Fire Fighting Department

Firefighting – a main concern for many Vietnamese production firms due to the scorching heat of the country in dry seasons, dense production space, etc. To prepare for any potential fire/emergency events in the factory, Anh Khoa’s Brother cooperate with international requirements for professional production firms to perform various firefighting drills throughout the year.

With the help of Tan Phu Trung Industrial Zone’s Firefighting Department and the Police, we train the most physically capable staffs to have basic firefighting skills (In the pictures: firefighters with yellow uniforms) to manage the initial steps when an accident occur whilst waiting for fire trucks to arrive.

We also strictly PROHIBIT SMOKING at the company. No fire is allowed in the factory at any form – candles, smoking, lighter, etc.

Through laws on fire prevention, we can ensure the highest degree of safety for our staffs, customers’ orders, and the surrounding environment.

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