What is 5S?

eiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke

5S is a Japanese methodology that is usually applied in workplace to main the highest degree of cleanliness as well as boosting effectivity of the company. This is commonly used by Japanese companies, which contributes to the highest product quality that Japan is known for around the World.

Sort (Seiri): sort the tools inside production factory. The factory should only holds the tools that are necessary for operation. This limits obstacles as well as waste for the factory

Set in Order (Seiton): every equipment should go where they belong to. Some factories apply labels on the wall, ground, etc. so every employees have an easier time to find their needed equipments. This limits time waste.

Shine (Seiso): keeps the workplace clean and safe. This factor contributes to workplace safety as well as preventing equipments from quick aging.

Standardize (Seiketsu): set a standard for every procedure in the factory to make sure that everything repeats from time to time. This ensure accuracy and consistency in production

Sustain (Shitsuke): many regards this as the hardest part of the 5S. This factor focuses on the discipline of the workplace. In other words, Japanese people phrases it, “do without being told”. It requires every employee to work with care, preventing harms toward other employees as well as the end users. This factor ensures the previous factors always repeat in the factory and maintain disciplines.

At Anh Khoa’s Brother, we have a team of several staffs, who we regard as “maintenance team” to make sure that 5S standards are met in production.

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